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Are you looking for a creative outlet that combines the beauty of fine art with the elegance of floral design? Look no further than the Royal Art Gallery and Design School. Our school offers a unique curriculum that focuses on the intersection of these two art forms, providing students with a comprehensive education that will prepare them for a career in the floral trade, or simply let them explore their creative potential and dive deep into a beautiful hobby.

Our program is designed for individuals who are passionate about art and design and want to take their skills to the next level.

Meet Our Founder

Our experienced instructors are experts in both fine arts, and floral design, and they will guide you through every step of the process, from sketching and painting to arranging and presenting your floral designs.

Our head instructor, Teresa Smok, mastered in Fine Arts at the Jan Matejko academy of Fine Arts in Krakow; the oldest Polish fine art academy, established in 1818.

“I am working at it every morning from sunrise on, for the flowers fade so soon, and the thing is to do the whole in one rush.”

 - Vincent Van Gogh

Our Classes

At Royal Flowers & Gallery Art and Design School, we believe that learning should be an enjoyable and immersive experience. That's why we offer small class sizes, personalized attention, and hands-on training that will allow you to develop your skills and talents at your own pace.

Royal Flowers & Gallery Art and Design School is excited to offer a wide range of art classes starting from beginner-level courses to advanced ones. All materials, including canvases, paintbrushes, oil paints, flowers, sheers, vases, are included in the class, so no need to bring anything other than yourself!

Whether you're interested in starting your own floral business or simply want to learn more about the role of floral and color design throughout history, take a class focused on the history of painting and the floral trade, or start painting or arranging yourself, Royal Flowers & Gallery Art and Design School has everything you need to succeed. So why wait? Sign up today and discover a world of creativity and beauty that will inspire you for years to come.


Our beginner-level three week course includes an 'Introduction to Color Theory', which will teach students the basics of color mixing, matching and contrasting. We will explore and understand the basic concepts of art throughout history, as well as the role of flowers throughout time, and their place in some famous paintings such as Water Lilies by Claude Monet, Still Life with Iris's and Twelve Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh, and Roses, Tulips, Poppies by Ambrosius Bosschaert.


At our 5 week intermediate-level painting and floral design course, you'll learn all the above and more! We'll learn how to create beautiful works of art through a combination of color theory, drawing fundamentals, painting techniques and *drumroll* an introduction to floral arranging! We'll even recreate some of those famous painting, but we'll draw from individual creativity to create gorgeous art pieces. Our expert instructors will help you develop your artistic abilities and build confidence in your creative potential.


In the 10 week advanced painting and floral design course, you will advance on the aforementioned skills and take your knowledge to the next level by creating floral productions of your own! Large canvases and grand floral rooms, our experienced instructors will guide you through each step as you develop your artistic abilities and gain confidence in your creative potential. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the world of art, design, and flowers!


Have little picasso's? At Royal Flowers & Gallery Art and Design School, we provide a unique opportunity for children to engage in creative exploration! Our 10 week beginner summer art program (beginning June 30th) is designed to introduce children to the world of floral and color design, helping them develop the skills and talents they need to succeed. Through our hands-on activities, students will learn basic principles of design and color theory, as well as how to properly use materials and tools to create beautiful works of art. We will also teach them the basics of painting, drawing, and even floral design!

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Our schedule has something for everyone, no matter their skill level! Our classes have multiple starting dates, so let us know what works best for you and our maestro's will let you know class availability. Call now to Enroll and receive 10% off your tuition. Don't miss this opportunity to join the Royal Art Gallery and Design School community! Let them learn from experienced instructors who have years of experience in the field, while making lasting friendships with other students in our fun and nurturing environment. We look forward to seeing you soon on your creative journey!

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