Flower Guide


All flowers have deep meaning but the rose stands alone in its abundance of history and color. The rose has been used for many years to convey unspoken messages and was often thought of as the flower of confidentiality. Despite this, due to their delicate scent and beautiful looks, they have become the most popular flower.

However, each color of the rose has a different meaning.

  • Red – we are all aware of what the red rose symbolizes – a deep love and Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be the same without it.
  • White – this represents humility and innocence and as a result, is often thought of as the bridal flower.
  • Yellow – whilst in the past the yellow rose symbolized jealousy, it now represents friendship.
  • Pink – this symbolizes femininity and gentleness.
  • Orange – due to the bright color, the orange rose symbolizes enthusiasm and desire.



Carnations have been around for over 2,000 years and have become a favorite for many women around the year. Carnations were originally used during Greek ceremonial crowns until they became popular around the world. This flower comes in a range of colors and just like the tulip; each color has a different meaning.

  • Pink – means ‘I’ll always be there for you’.
  • Red – means ‘my heart aches for you’
  • White – means sweet and lovely – purity.

Whilst the carnation itself is known for its meaning of health and vitality it also means fascination and love. As a result, the red and pink carnations are perfect for this Valentine’s Day.



Tulips are an extremely popular flower all year long, but add a hint of something special when given on Valentine’s Day. Tulips have fascinated people for many years due to their heritage and meaning. Unsurprisingly each color represents a different meaning ensuring the flower is perfect for all occasions.

  • Red– red is the color of love when it comes to tulips, just as it is in many flowers. Red tulips also stand for ‘believe in love’ so make the perfect Valentine’s Day flower.
  • White – this symbolizes purity, innocence and humility.
  • Orange – these are often used to represent a mutual connection between two people.
  • Pink – this represents happiness and good wishes so ideal for a friend.

If you would like to use multiple colors of tulips based on their meanings, a multi-colored bouquet can also work really well this Valentine’s Day.